64 Responses to “August 2009”

  1. Hrisi Says:

    Amazing!~That’s what I can say!Well written articles,awesome graphics,Statement Magazine is one of a kind!

  2. fay Says:

    Amazing!I’m loving hristina on the cover and the photoshoot with me and maria – well done!Statement rocks 🙂

  3. ewonline Says:

    Great Magazine! 🙂

  4. Dαωn♥ Says:

    Caroline, this is outstanding! the graphics, the people everything I ♥ it! keep up the good work (:

  5. Tylerisbold Says:

    Statement truly made a statement!

  6. Rali4ka94 Says:

    This magazine is wonderful! The graphics are very good, and the articles are very useful. Amazing issue and covergirl! I’m looking forward the next issue.

  7. Yasmine Says:

    Amazing magazine, especially for a 1st one!
    Just some minor spelling mistakes…

  8. Findurlove Says:


  9. stardollbeautymag Says:

    I absolutely love it 🙂

    Its really great!

  10. Joanna Says:

    I adore the graphics but every time I read a magazine I want to slap myself because of the spelling and grammar mistakes…

  11. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. soovintage Says:

    The only thing missing would be an article on something other than fashion, beauty, or covergirls!
    You are featured on clubfreestuff.blogspot.com

    • statementmagazine Says:

      Dear soovintage
      Thank you for your opinion!
      I can assure you, you will see more real life articles and articles on different topics.

  13. Ronniex3 Says:


  14. GenaPhobia Says:

    I am honestly tired of Stardoll magazines, but you really did a great job putting this one together and I’ll read it. 😀

  15. UndamyUmbrellla Says:

    Really nice job! 🙂

  16. ShinyG Says:

    Tbh, I only looked at the pictures.
    You should put less writing and keep it simple.
    Every other magazine has pages and pages of writing, so if you want to be different, put little notes.

  17. Elis Says:

    That’s great !

  18. arna-rut Says:

    im like totally in love with those graphics (L)_(L)

  19. FashiongodS Says:

    Good job guys!

  20. Taranee25 Says:

    Whoa!!! Great job ladies! I love the make up tips!

  21. Abby Says:

    that was really.I cant beleave the dolls look so relilistic.How do you get the dolls to do poses?

    • Leanne Says:

      Its called graphics. You dont “make” them do it you take the basics like the heads and stuff and then you draw on/edit in the arms and legs and hair ect

  22. Leanne Says:

    Heyy everyone! Thanks for the awesome support on Statement! Im VERY sorry about the spelling mistakes thats me xD Anyway glad you enjoyed the mag!!

  23. dancekicksbutt Says:

    other than a few grammatical errors…fantabulous magazine!

    • Leanne Says:

      Yeah sorry about the mistakes. I was quite busy and alot of things we’re happening during the making of the magazine so its all my fault because of them. I promise that there wont be any grammar mistakes in the next issue 🙂

  24. loooooolcia14 Says:

    great graphic! great text!

  25. Paolapaopao Says:

    Cant wait to next issue!!

  26. Jerrix - Kristina Says:

    Amazing! It’s really good! I especially loved the swimsuit and makeup part. Fun reading 🙂

  27. meghan Says:

    this was wonderful!
    Can’t wait for the next issue. 🙂

  28. Rosey Says:

    Nice, but some of the edges needs to be clean up on the dolls. Just use the lasso tool or transparent/magic wand.

  29. rjop765 Says:

    How do you do the graphics plz tell me i really really want to know.

    • Leanne Says:

      Graphics are created using programs like Photoshop. You have to be very experienced to get things really perfect its basically taking dolls and clothes and editing them or making your own. It takes ALOT of practice.

  30. victoriaclors Says:

    let’s b honest.. maybe you made nice graphics, but the word graphics is getting overrated much.

    this magazine has nothing special at all. same make up article, same kind of blonde covergirl, same models (with the same mouths, eyes and racial tones I see in all the stardoll magazines that have been posted lastly)…

    true that begginings are hard but in this case i beg people to open their eyes and see that statement magazine seems to be another copy of eternity. and trust me when i say this isn’t something personal – lots of magazines are doing what you are doing.

    in any case you worked very well on graphics and that deserves a lot 😀 but try to get something special in your magazine.

    • Leanne Says:

      We do respect your opinion and we choose different models depending on what styles work on them. Since this was a dainty theme we needed quite girly users we know of. We do try to add our own thing to the magazine but like you said the first one is always tough and we do respect that some of the content has been seen before but we are definatly NOT COPYING any other magazine.
      I know its your opinion and your entitled to that but by saying “i beg people to open their eyes and see that statement magazine seems to be another copy of eternity” this is just a little rude instead of constructive critism.

      Bottom line is that we enjoy what we do and so do many other people but thanks for your comment.


  31. E Says:

    Awesome! I love it, amazing pictures and great articles! Keep it up!

  32. Kenziyah Says:

    I loved the graphics, but the magazine does nothing for me. I am not trying to put you down or hate your success because thats not what Im hear to do. You said leave a comment with your opinion and thats what I am doing. Overall, I know you worked hard so bravo!

    • Leanne Says:

      Thanks for that and we do totally respect your opinion. Some people will like it others wont we dont mind 🙂

  33. Jamie Says:


  34. loveangelxx Says:

    I can see this magazine being very popular, i loved the graphics. They were amazing! Keep up the good work!


  35. gloomyangel Says:

    I agree, everyone of us has a princess side to ttheir personality, style etc.
    This magazine really shows it all.

    Stardoll magazines are back!


  36. Vasia28 Says:

    I love it!!!

  37. LOVE IT!!! Hey could the owner of this magazine could you ask the people that own stardoll to give us the poses that are shown on the magazines?? PLZ because the pose we have right now is getting REALLY BORING!!!!! It is very plain and simple!!! We need an up-right standing pose!!! Or an pose that has are hands on our hips!!! This would you better for some of you outfits!!! Hands on or Hips would do best with an long VOILE ball gowned!!! A upright pose will do best wearing the Moltycolor ELLE skirt, Gold ELLE heels, LE hippy shirt, July HotBuys Record necklace, and to fishes off the look with Lady Gaga sunglasses!!!

    I am on stardoll at MissHannahcox11

  38. Amy Says:

    I honestly love it!
    The Covergirl was gorgeous and my favourite artical was the Swimsuit one!
    I am applying for a job as a writer for the magazine with a few others at the club StatementMag, I would love to be able to be a part of this.

    My username is xxamys2k8xx

  39. Zebra91045 Says:

    This is an amazing magazine. :] Congrats on having your first issue & having it in the stardoll magazine. I wish the magazine well.
    Zebra91045 [from stardoll ]

  40. loulou:] Says:

    How do you get all the different poses for the model? Stardoll just has the same old pose and its getting boring.


    my usernames are Z.ABeauty (the one I share with my friend) and starsandmoonss (my own one)

  41. sophia Says:

    Good job (:

  42. Mary Says:

    I’d like to maybe apply to be part of Statement Magazine.If the answer is no i understand.

  43. Stefaroni Says:

    I admire your magazine so much! It kicks Style Magazine’s behind! Keep up the fab work!

  44. nikki0187701 Says:

    Oh…My….Gosh! This is a beautiful magazine! Its elegant and has AMAZING details! Bravo!

  45. Louispolly Says:

    Do you want models for your magazine then come to my album its my modeling agency. we have fabulous models! So come on check them out and let me know if you want to use any of my fabulous models xox

  46. Sorcha Says:

    so great!i would love to model for your amazing magazine!my name is books-07………i’d love to be in such a fabulous magazine

  47. Alisha : .RAWR.xo [stardoll] Says:

    Omgg… this rocks 🙂

    would there be any chance of me being in the maggazine ? :O
    that would be awsomee!! 🙂

    pleasee reply via my email 🙂


    thankyouu.. if i cant be in one of the issues no need to worry! i totally understand! x

  48. uknowulovemexd Says:

    Really good and stylish!

  49. sourkeys Says:

    S>E>X>Y if I do say so my self, ha ha.
    The graphics rock!
    A mazinng tips,
    It will be a big hit!!

  50. Delicate177 Says:

    I really enjoyed this,
    Very inspiring,
    The graphics are so alive,the wavy hair made it more alive than the normal stardoll,the poses you gave the graphics are outstanding,very talented young artists you are,cant wait for the next issue.
    I predict a great future for Statement magazine.

  51. Rosalynn/Ashlee-Rose Says:

    Heyy, Ashlee-Rose/Rosalynn here.

    Computers hate me. There is no easy way to put it, haha. I would love to know how you get those amazing poses out of simple Stardolls? It must be like, an art, but is it possible for you to private-mail me on SD? I have some questions I wold like you to answer if possible. My Stardoll is ‘B00kie28′, so please stop by and send me a message whenever. Thanks!

    Exes and Ohs.

    P. S : How did you get those cool, unique hairstyles? I’ve never seen them before…

  52. Emzii1 Says:

    Really cool magazine 😀 but I don’t get how you can get different poses…

    anyway, do you ned models? cause I’d love to be one 🙂 my name on stardoll is Emzii1.

  53. 7ala Says:

    mazining i love that

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