13 Responses to “Spoilers”

  1. Ciaraleanne Says:

    Love it so much ;O
    Amazinggg & so excited 😀

  2. Gab_the_bomb Says:

    I love this spoiler! I have always been a fashion of greek styling, and finally someone has incorporated it into their magazine!

    The graphics are amazing, did you do this yourself Tyler?

    A big round of applause! I cannot wait for this to come out 😀

    • statementmagazine Says:

      I’m sorry, tyler? Tyler works for the mag, yes but I (looc123) do the graphics/owner 😀

  3. missricopenguin Says:


  4. Polincik Says:

    It’s so beautiful ❤

  5. Roksy_funnycat Says:

    I love spoiler ❤

  6. 2peicesofcandy1 Says:

    It looks GREAT!

  7. To_Royal Says:

    Not to be a hater, but I believe Egyptians are black or tanned D:

    (back in the day)

    • statementmagazine Says:

      Wow. You just poked a huge hole in the spoiler 😀 Don’t worry anyway, that will be fixed in the issue 😛

  8. yissy123 Says:
    plz follow my blog and ill vote for ur covergirl,album and scenerie!!

  9. Yo1212 Says:

    what about eternnity? 😀

  10. Selina/fig36 Says:

    Amazing graphic!
    It’s just so perfect!
    Can’t wait 😀

  11. Gabby1822 Says:

    The spoiler looks incredible! I can’t wait to see the issue 🙂

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